8 Signs Your Body Shows When Cholesterol Level is Too High!


Cholesterol is a derivative of fat in your blood stream. There are two types of cholesterol; high density and low density. High density lipoprotein is known as good cholesterol, because it is healthy for the body. However, low density cholesterol can create many problems in our circulatory system.

High cholesterol level is one of the most common reasons of heart attacks and you must control your diet to maintain a healthy level of cholesterol in your body. The following are some of the symptoms the body shows when cholesterol levels are too high. If you notice any of them, go for a complete medical checkup and consult a doctor for finding the cause and take medication if required.

Take a look at some of the symptoms of high cholesterol.


When cholesterol gets deposited inside the arteries, it increases the load on the heart to pump out blood. This means high blood pressure could be a sign of cholesterol. In extreme cases, blood flow can also get restricted due to cholesterol which causes low blood pressure. In either case, it is best to go for a full body check-up and ensure cholesterol is at optimal levels.