7 Reasons Why Should You Use Coconut Oil For Tanning?


Does the bright sun lift your spirits? A hot summer day can definitely chase away the gloom. The summer months are not liked by a lot of people thanks to the dust, humidity, and sweating that are part of the season. But, there are others who wait for those days. It is the perfect time to get a tan on the skin and boost the appeal. However, it is also important that you adhere to the safety provisions while developing a tan. Not all methods used for tanning are safe. The tanning beds are not natural, after all, and lying on the beach for hours can expose your skin to the harmful UV rays. Applying a sunscreen is an option but it also comes with some caveats. Using natural remedies is a better option for tanning.

Is Coconut Oil Good For Tanning?

Yes! Most people are accustomed to using coconut oil either for hair care or cooking needs. While its benefits for the scalp and hair are undeniable, you can also use coconut oil for tanning, avoiding the harm caused by the UV rays.

Why Should You Use Coconut Oil For Tanning?

Below listed are the reasons why you should use coconut oil for tanning.

1No Harmful Chemicals:

A lot of sunscreens, including those made by reputed skincare brands, are often laden with chemicals and ingredients like paraben and solvents. While they contain SPF for protecting your skin from the harmful UV rays, those chemicals may cause side effects. People with sensitive skins fare worse after applying sunscreens. This applies to various forms of sunscreens, including gels, creams, and lotions. Coconut oil, on the contrary, does not contain any harmful ingredient or chemical that can impact your skin negatively.